NAWG'99 (Netrek Addicts Winter Gathering)

Held from .. till .. 1999 at RHBNC campus in Egham/London, United Kingdom.
Present were: Robert Pain, Robert Pidduck, Ed Hoppitt, Rakesh Murria, Erik Hietbrink, Fraser D Stewart, Craig Cameron, Kurt Siegl, Mats Olsson, Pieter de Wildt, Sven Nehaus, John Salomon, Tillman Obendorf, Chris Adams, Kate Chan (Fly), SG Chan, John Sloan.

At the moment no pictures are available ;-(

Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 15:32:36 +0100
From: Ed (
To: Multiple recipients of list (

Netrek Winter Gathering News.


Ha, bet you all thought that we'd forgotten about NAWG at RHBNC didn't you !

Ok, the web site has now been updated to carry lots more information
regarding getting to RHBNC, including directions from the Airport (London
Heathrow is only 8 miles away).  Pieter, Erik and Kurt - there's some
information on there for you guys specifically as you've told us what
flights you're on  - anyone else arriving, unless you let us know NOW when
you arriving, you'll have to make your own way to RHBNC (although to be
honest that's not that difficult)

Most people are arriving on Monday sometime - If you are arriving earlier
please let us know as soon as possible by e-mailing
although we can only accommodate a few on Sunday evening and at the moment
we can't offer any accommodation on the Saturday night at RHBNC itself.  If
you require accommodation earlier, we suggest you mail euroclue and see if
anyone can put you up.


Platon our main server is being upgraded from Digital UNIX 4.0B to 4.0D on
Wednesday and we have been informed that it will be unavailable all day.  On
Monday and Tuesday work will be being carried out on two other servers at
RHBNC, however I have been informed that this may affect network traffic
during this time.  So no trek on Wednesday, Trek should be OK on the Mon and


Star Trek Insurrection is released in the UK on Jan 1st, this is ahead of
most of the rest of Europe - Sweden gets its on Feb 5th, Holland on Feb 11th
and some places have to wait until April until they get it.  Monday evening
is therefore being suggested for a trip to the Cinema to watch Star Trek
(and drink of course)  I'm sure that we can all sit there offering advice to
the crew on the Enterprise on what they should be doing !  (NB. Need to
check if Tilly is old enough to see film)


With Wednesday being a non-trek day, it would seem a good day to go and do
some tourist type things in London.  Then January sales will be well under
way so there's plenty of potential to spend lots of cash on things that we
dont need.


At the moment, the most popular days are Thursday and Friday, luckily these
are also the two days when we should have 100% access to the servers without
those sys ops trying to do all sorts of upgrade work on them !


Robert Pain, Robert Pidduck, Ed Hoppitt, Rakesh Murria, Erik Hietbrink,
Fraser D Stewart, Craig Cameron, Kurt Siegl, Mats Olsson, Pieter de Wildt,
Sven Nehaus, John Salomon, Tillman Obendorf.

If you are coming and NOT on this list, get in contact with us ASAP - mail

At the moment we don't think that there will have to be anyone staying
outside RHBNC as not everyone is here for the whole week, although if that
changes between now and Sunday we'll let you know.


A Map of the local area, showing the route from Egham station to RHBNC is

A Map of RHBNC showing major UK Motorway links is here and there is a Campus map
available here in PDF format which
should help you out.  If you look at the Campus Map, Rob and Ed live in the
area called Penrose Court - its on the other side of the A30 from the main
campus.  Rob is on Flat 3 Room1, Ed is in Flat 23 Room 2.  Rob won't be
around until Monday though and Ed won't be around until Sunday evening.

Anyway, all that is left is for us to wish you all a Happy New Year and we
look forward to seeing you all in 1999 !

RHBNC Twinks !

PS.  If you need to contact us Ed's mobile number is 0961 165380 and Ed's
number at RHBNC is 01784 479599

And here is a writeup from Pieter:

Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 11:52:42 +0100
From: Pieter de Wildt (
To: Multiple recipients of list (
Subject: NAWG-overview

Hi all,

Here is my overview of the NAWG'99

For me the experience started by flying to London with Erik. As Erik had never
flown before I had to explain everything to him.
("Yes Erik, that man is entitled to see your passport")
After the usual delays and flying a few rounds over London, we finally landed
on Heathrow. There was our first pleasant surprise. Rob Pidduck and Ed
were waiting for us (Nice 'netrek' sign guys, you have worked on that for at 
least 2 minutes)
They drove us straight to the lab where we disturbed some weird nerds in their
game (= Mats, Tilli, SvenN, Rob Pain, Kurt & Rax)

That night, after the usual greetings we went for pizza, and then went to the
cinema to see "Star Trek Insurrection"
The general feeling was that it's not one of the best ST movie's...

The next morning some stupid dutch guy woke everybody up quite early,
but that game us more time to play some trek !
In the afternoon Simon and Kate (madchink and FLY) joined us, and more trek
was played.
In the evening Chris (Hotshot) joined us for beers at the pub.
There we had to find a few new sleeping places, since a little german twink
had left his sleeping bag in the kitchen, where it was found by cleaners.
They started to ask questions, and when they discovered Ed had 3 guests 
sleeping in his room, he got told that was NOT allowed. 

Wednesday was a day when they upgraded the system (new mouse-pads?), so we
spend that day in the center of London.
The most memorable event was the 7 guys playing a racing
game in Hamley's (a huge toys shop)
I think Rob Pain won, with Tilli 2nd, but I am not sure.
Mats got a bit ill, so he went back to Egham arround 17:00 to catch a few
more hours of sleep, while we continued to do some sight-seeing.
Arround 19:00 the rest of us also went back to Egham, Where everybody hurried
to the lab, except Rob Pain and me. We had to wait for Fraser and Fuzzy.
Fraser came with a train, arround the time we expected him, but Fuzzy was a
bigger problem. If he was lucky, he had the correct bus at the correct time.
If not, we'd have to wait for another whole hour.
And we were not sure where he would get off.
But Lady Luck was smiling upon us, since the bus came on time, and Fraser and
I recognised Fuzzy. We had to yell to make him leave the bus, because  
appearently he didn't recognise us...
(It's strange that a person who is intimate with the mothers of the whole
netrek-community is unable to recognice the netrekkers themselves.)
We also hurried to the lab, and after the usual cheers of seeing old friends
we started to play trek.

Ofcourse pickup is fun, but a cluegame is more fun, so one was announved for
24:00 GMT. Then disaster struck !
A security guard came in, asking for our studend cards. Since by that time all
the real RHBNC students were gone (to sleep or to get food) we had no choice
but to leave the lab.
And since we didn't want to take the risk of one of the RHBNC guys loosing their
account, we had to restrict ourselfs to playing during the day only.
After getting kicked out, we went to Rob's place, where Rax soon came with a
huge ammount of chinese food. (Rax rules !)

Thursday was a normal trek playing day, but we got joined by Criag.
And Mats was so ill he stayed in bed all day.
A cluegame was announced, and played, but for some reason the server crashed.
(no, this was really not something we did on purpose!)
Our dinner this day consisted of 4 huge pizza's that got eating in a very small
I have bad memories of the night from thursday to friday, since I had to share
my sleepingbag with Craig. 

Friday was the usual trek playing, with a cluegame at 17:00 GMT.
We NAWG lost, which was bad play by us.
But there were a few funny moments. The most noticable was when we had entered
OT, and someone suggested all to shoot torps at player 1.
So we did, but 1 could very easy move a little up to avoid them all.
Still, it was funny to see 64 torps on the tactical, and none of them hitting 
Afterwords we went to eat some indian food.

Saturday was really the end of NAWG'99. Fraser, Tilli and Fuzzy went back Home.
(Mats had left friday, and Kurt on wednesday already) and Sven and I went
into London again.  (where we even got chat up by some young girls...)

All in all a good gathering.
And the only question now is. Where is the next ?
Boston ? Gothenburg ? Lets just be sure we get it organised in time.


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